Biscuits and cheese

The quickest ever lunch is to grab some biscuits (crackers) and a slice of cheese. Here I’ve added some cooked French beans, a lettuce heart, a peeled pear and a handful of radishes.

Thinking about this snack I googled the words Cheese and Biscuits and discovered by chance a blog of a similar name that has produced a London restaurant map. It’s cute: the design and colours of the London Underground system with restaurant names instead of stations. I live in the capital but now realize how many of these eating places I’ve never been to. As some people like to travel on the tube, getting out at every station for fun, I imagine someone will take this map seriously and aim to visit every restaurant in the metropolis!

To see the map and start your gastronomic journey, click on the picture and scroll down to Nov 5th to find it.


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