Potato latkes

There are some dishes that few restaurants get right. An example is potato latkes: a treat eaten at the Jewish Festival of Chanucah, which lasts all this week. Latkes are light pancakes made from grated potato and onion and fried till crisp and brown. They’re good served with sausages or cold meat – or as a snack with apple sauce and sour cream. Either way the home-made version is usually far better than what’s served up from a restaurant kitchen.

Why is this? First they are rarely freshly made. Reheated fried food is a disaster. Then they add flour which makes the latkes solid and heavy. Then they are usually too large – one big fat latke is not nearly as appetising as three of four small ones. It’s like those giant chips – too much inside, not enough crisp and brown outside.

If you want to know how to make them, click on the picture and go to Today’s Recipe. It comes from Lookit Cookit kitchen games for curious children. You may think “I’m not a child” but it’s clearly not just for children since frying is quite dangerous and needs some supervision. Part of the fun is squeezing out the starch from the raw potatoes.

Check in soon for another fantastic Chanucah treat: the best ever doughnuts.


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