After lunch with friends and a four-year old who relishes food, I wandered off to take photos in Santiago. Strawberries are no surprise (but they did taste meltingly sweet); the beans would be good in a soup or even, dare I say it, a bean chilli. But it was the red potatoes that caught my eye. Chile (and Argentina) are of course known for their red meat, but for colour and visual appeal, you can’t beat the vegetables and fruits you find in the markets.

(This is the last of my posts about Chile. I’d welcome any comments from followers who know it well. Please click on the Ask button at the top to tell me something.)


  1. superkaara said: Your posts about on Chile are absolutely wonderful. I really wish to go back there soon. Keep up the good work, your posts are great. Greetings from Kara - a Chilean born European citizen living in Japan.
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