Sweet and tart

Everywhere along the coast in Southern Italy you see lemon trees. The fruit is used to make the popular liqueur limoncello, a syrupy lemon drink with a kick - imagine Grand Marnier without the oranges. It’s often served as a complementary digestif after you’ve downed the half-inch of black espresso that ends any meal in Italy.

While we were there we discovered something called Espresso To Go. The picture on the pack shows dark black coffee and thick chocolate being poured into a small pot. This is just what it is - they give you a tiny straw to suck up this most brilliant pick-me-up. Shame it’s not available in England. I’d have a pack by my desk and drink one every afternoon when the brain is slowing down around 2pm.

The bottom picture is another local speciality: rum babas. These were originally tall cylindrical yeast cakes soaked in rum. The name comes from the Polish babka (grandmother or old woman) but it was in France that it became popular in the 1830s. The baba was later brought to Naples by French cooks and became a Neapolitan speciality called babbĂ .


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